Emerging Technology at UMD

Emerging Technology Exploration at UMD

Have you recently walked by a classroom and saw someone teaching with a WHATZIT and you were like YES, I NEED A WHATZIT!?  Has a colleague shared an amazing new idea and we just have to explore it? Ran across a conundrum that some technology or strategy might fix? 

We work in an age of innovative new technologies and ideas that enable new opportunities to teach and learn. Navigating, exploring, and implementing new ideas and emerging technologies in the classroom can be a challenge. The ITSS Emerging Technology Team can:

  • research costs and affordances of new technology 
  • develop pilot programs to understand the feasibility
  • connect you with other explorers and partners at UMD & the University of Minnesota System
  • reduce barriers and challenges to implementing
  • explore funding and finance of new ideas

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