Academic Technology Support Model

In addition to our core services,  ITSS Academic Technology & Course Design (ATCD) team works collaboratively with departments and organizations throughout UMD and the University of Minnesota System.  

We have represented this community of teams graphically as a strtucture supports student and instructor success. Listed below are descriptions and links to those partners in this network.


Academic Technology Support Model

ITSS HelpDesk & TechCenter 

The ITSS TechCenter combines our services for Help Desk, technical support, computer repair, equipment checkout, and classroom and computer lab support into one area. They are able to assist with questions about University-supported academic technologies including Canvas, Kaltura, and Zoom.

Stop into Kirby Plaza 165, or contact them at 218-726-8847, or open a ticket by emailing [email protected]

MediaHub CoLab in Kirby Plaza 173

The Media Hub has moved from the library to Kirby Plaza 173 and is now the MediaHub CoLab. Here we can help you integrate media and production into your curriculum including:

  • video, audio, and podcasts, 
  • digital graphics and infographics, 
  • animation, 
  • XR/VR, and,
  •  3D printing.

Professional staff and student staff are available to assist with core ideas, inspiration, project development, and implementation. 

Media Hub Checkout @Tech Center 

Starting in the Fall of 2023, Media Hub equipment checkout has a new location at the Tech Center in Kirby Plaza 165.  And equipment reservation has been automated at at

Available technology includes photography and video equipment, tripods, audio equipment, graphic design pads, and access to Adobe Creative Cloud.  You can also pick up keys for 1:Button Studio Kirby 174 and 1:Button/Learning Glass KAML 142

UMD'S Disability Resources 

When instructors receive an Accommodation Request from the Disability Resources office they can call upon our team to enhance assignments, meet accommodation requests, find accessible methodologies, and make course content more accessible.

Kathryn A. Martin Library

The Kathryn A. Martin Library at the University of Minnesota Duluth can assist faculty and students with research questions and finding scholarly articles and books.

Collegiate Unit Professionals

Some units have professional staff who assist instructors with apps, programs, and technologies. ATCD often works with these collegiate unit professionals by providing technical knowledge, contact information, and demonstrations.

System-Wide Resources 

UMN Help Desk

Faculty and students who are experiencing issues with Canvas, Kaltura, and other academic technologies can also get support from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Helpdesk.

Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS) 

UMN faculty and instructors, whether you teach online, face-to-face, or something in between, our team can help you choose and use teaching and learning technologies, design or redesign your Canvas course site, create reusable media, and more.

Center for Education Innovation (CEI) 

UMD Faculty and instructors are encouraged to collaborate with the UMN Center for Educational Innovation. Their staff has pedagogical and curricular expertise and provide transformative solutions for courses and programs.