Programming and Workshops

Throughout the academic year, a variety of online academic technology programming and workshops are available to educators looking to explore or integrate the use of academic technologies into the teaching and learning experience. For more information: 

Fall 2020 Programming Opportunities

ATSS Webinars and Workshops

Teaching and learning workshops are available to instructors on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.  These 60-minute (Zoom) online sessions will cover topics such as: 

  • multimedia learning modules
  • video lectures
  • narrated presentations
  • quizzes and assessments

ATSS Webinars(scroll to bottom of page for upcoming webinars)

Teaching (Online) Enrichment Series Webinars

The Fall 2020 Teaching Enrichment Series (TES) is a selection of webinars focused on getting started teaching online as well as improving the online learning experience. Within the series, there is a track designed specifically for Teaching Assistants including New TA Orientation. Sessions are offered by the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) and Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS).

Teaching Enrichment Series Webinars

CEI Online Events

In addition to the Teaching Enrichment Series Webinars, the Center for Educational Innovation is offering a wide variety of online events aimed at advancing teaching and learning. Visit the CEI webpage throughout the year to find the latest webinars, workshops, and facilitated conversations regarding a variety of relevant educational topics and themes.

CEI Events

Online, Self-Paced Programs

Online Teaching and Design Program (self paced version)

Seminar Details: 

  • Date: Anytime
  • Duration: 10 weeks includes nine modules
  • Estimated work: 5 hours per module

This seminar is for faculty and instructing staff who want to explore all aspects of designing, teaching, and building an online course in a self directed, self paced mode. 

Nine modules present best practices, instructional strategies, and technology tools to develop and build your own online course. Each module includes approximately (5) hours of learning and activities. 

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