UMD Google Account

Through your University account you have access to a multitude of resources. Besides the obvious ones like Gmail and Google Apps, there is also Wifi, Moodle,, and computer lab image access.

For information about your University of Minnesota account, passwords, and student group email accounts, visit


Gmail is one of the best email handlers out there, and many people have both a personal and University gmail account that they want to switch between. For information about how to switch between Google accounts (and how to tell what account you are currently in), please see this website or stop by the ITSS TechCenter and the students at the front counter can help you.

As long as you graduate from the University of Minnesota (Duluth or any other campus), you get to keep your Google account for life, including your Google Drive storage and all of the Google apps. You do need to keep logging into the account after you graduate, so keep that in mind!

On the go

If you are as tied to your phone as most of us are, you probably use it to keep your class schedule and all of your information. It’s easy to put your Google Calendar and Gmail on your phone, and so you’ll have no excuse to miss important deadlines (unless you didn’t enter them in the first place).

You can also get mobile apps for most of the Google Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc), and so you can transfer the photos or videos you take for class right to Google Drive, or edit that paper or spreadsheet at the very last minute on your phone or tablet. Search the App Store, Google Play store, or Microsoft store, and watch for apps made by Google.

Working with others

If you have a group of people you need to email regularly, invite to calendar events, or that you want to share Google Docs or folders with, a Google Group is for you! You can create personal groups for your study group, your roommates, or your team, or you can work with a staff or faculty member at UMD to create an official Google group for your registered student organization.

Working in Google Drive, it’s easy to share folders, documents, or whatever else with the people who need access. It’s a great place for backing up data (free unlimited storage! Did we mention that?).