Keep Updated With New System Status Webpage

Jun 17, 2020

ITSS has rolled out a UMD Service Status webpage for all local ITSS-managed services, servers and applications.

The webpage displays upcoming and ongoing planned maintenance, as well as any current outages (planned or unplanned).

ITSS System Services Status

In the event of an outage for a local service, ITSS staff will use the new UMD Service Status page to update the campus with status and notes. Initial emails to the campus will direct users to this page for further updates.

You must be a current student, staff or faculty to access this page. It is linked from the ITSS home page, or you may access it directly at UMD Service Status.

Enterprise System Services Status

For Enterprise outages (PeopleSoft, MyU, etc.), please refer to the University of Minnesota's Office of Information Technology (OIT) Status page.