Avaya Aura Migration

Aug 29, 2016

The project to migrate users from our Nortel telephone and voicemail systems to our new Avaya Aura systems is proceeding on schedule.

The goal is to have all telephones moved to the Aura platform before September 2018 (the announced End-of-Support date for our Nortel systems).

UMD voice infrastructure provides service for 3200 office, fax, and elevator lines. 39% of those lines have been migrated to Avaya Aura. There are three categories of users that still need to migrate.

Building is Cable and Network Ready

Buildings with good cable infrastructure (Cat5 or better) and Power-Over-Ethernet capable network switches are nearing completion. The last building in this category is the Kathryn A Martin Library (KAML). KAML should be complete in September.

Buildings with Nortel Voice-over-IP (VOIP) Phones

The following buildings have Nortel VOIP phones. Tentative migration plans are listed below. Times for the other buildings in this category will be determined at a later date.

  • Center for Economic Development: Mid to late Fall Semester
  • Education Endazhi-gikinoo'amaading: Winter Break
  • Montague Hall - Winter Break
  • Life Science - Spring Break
  • Swenson Science Building
  • Swenson Civil Engineering
  • Darland Administration Building
  • Chester Park
  • Labovitz School of Business and Economic
  • School of Medicine
  • Lake Superior Hall
  • Grounds Fleet

Buildings with Nortel M3900-Series Phones that Require Cable and Network Upgrades

This group of buildings includes:

  • Heating Plant
  • Engineering
  • Voss Kovach Hall
  • Marshall Performing Arts Center
  • Chemistry
  • Health Services
  • Heller Hall
  • Solon Campus Center
  • Humanities (KUMD & Tweed)
  • Kirby Student Center (partial)
  • Residence Dining Center (partial)

Scope-of-work inspections are underway now. You may see ITSS staff or low voltage contractor personnel in these areas looking above ceilings and/or asking to look at typical office arrangements. A plan to move these buildings forward will be developed once inspections are complete. The amount of work we can complete this year depends on budget limitations, and access. The next building scheduled for rewire is the Heating Plant.

These cabling upgrades are also necessary to complete the upcoming Next Generation Network project. Consult the Next Generation Network Project article for details.