Wireless Microphones


Wireless microphone receivers are installed in every General Purpose Classroom with a capacity of 60+.


The microphone itself is separate and needs to be purchased. If an individual or department wants to use a wireless microphone they must purchase one of the following kits:

These microphones are available for purchase from a number of different vendors, including UMD Stores when they have them in stock. Be careful that the correct things get ordered when purchasing from anyone other than the previous links. There are many variations of these microphones.

Setting the Frequency

The microphone itself must be set to the correct frequency for each room. Each room has a different frequency and will need to be set for that specific room. The microphone will stay on the frequency it is set at until it gets changed. Frequencies will be noted on a sticker on the podium, as in the following example in one classroom:

Screenshot: Frequency sticker

Some rooms may have the capability for multiple microphones, you can set your microphone to either frequency and it will work. To set the frequency:

  1. Open the battery compartment of your microphone.
  2. Turn on the microphone.
  3. Use the 'Group' and 'Channel' button to select the correct frequency for the room.
Microphone with open  battery compartment showing Group & Channel buttons.

You may also need to adjust the volume which you can do using the dial underneath the battery cover.

Have Questions or Need Help?

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