Online gaming, Smart TVs, Chromecasts, etc.

ITSS does not place limitations on the types of devices you may use on our network, nor do we restrict traffic by type. This means you are free to game, legally stream TV shows, etc. Routers and other networking devices are the major exception to the restriction ;rule. Because of the disruptions they cause, personal wired or wireless routers are not allowed on the University's network. Some other devices do not function well on our network. Please see our Wireless Access page for more information.

To register a personal device for WiFi access, please follow the instructions at the linked website.

Common Issues/Symptoms and Troubleshooting Tips

If you have registered your IoT device on UMD_Guest at at and are not getting an Internet connection, check for these common issues.

  • Typo in the MAC address entered in the registration form.
    • Make sure you entered the correct MAC address in the registration form. If you had a typo, simply resubmit the form with the correct MAC address.
  • LAN adapter (wired) MAC address was registered instead of the wireless adapter.
    • Make sure you entered the wireless MAC address in the registration form. If you entered the wrong MAC address, simply resubmit the form with the correct MAC address.
  • Device does not have DHCP enabled (true for some TVs).
    • Check your device's user manual and enable DHCP.
  • Device was/is connected to the short-term guest network before or during the registration step.
    After you register the MAC address of your device at, it becomes live in the system immediately. If the device has an active session with the guest network, which can be true if it was connected prior to registration, it may be stuck in the guest captive portal role (the page trying to show them terms/conditions).
    • Disconnect the device for 5 minutes or longer.  Disconnecting is necessary to allow an active session on the regular guest network to timeout. A user idle timeout will be triggered once a device doesn't talk for 5 minutes.  When you reconnect your device to UofM-Guest, it should transition to the IoT role.