Oct 9, 2016

A series of short videos provides a fun way to learn core accessibility skills.

Accessible Uooza videos (featuring talented dancers and jugglers) include 6 basic topics that help lay a foundation for creating inclusive web content.

  1. Video Captions (4:19 minutes)
  2. Colors with Good Contrast (2:42 minutes)
  3. Formatted Lists (2:27 minutes)
  4. Hyperlinks (3:36 minutes)
  5. Headings and Document Structure(6:43 minutes)
  6. Alternative Text (4.22 minutes)

1. Video Captions (4:19 minutes)

Video Captions & Transcripts provides more such as:

  • What are captions and subtitles?
  • Who does the captioning?
  • Who benefits from captioning and/or transcripts?
  • Three methods for captioning video in YouTube How to add captions to YouTube video using auto-sync (Method 1)
  • How to add captions to YouTube when you have a transcript (Method 2) How to create a transcript in YouTube (Method 3)

2. Colors with Good Contrast (2:42 minutes)

Color & Contrast provides more information such as:

  1. What you see may NOT be what others see
  2. Never use color alone to show emphasis
  3. Techniques for text emphasis
  4. Techniques for graphic emphasis
  5. Color contrast checkers
  6. Color coding

3. Formatted Lists (2:27 minutes)

Bulleted & Numbered Lists provides more information including how they:

  • Allow writers to present key terms and concepts, while avoiding blocks of text.
  • Organize information into meaningful chunks.
  • Invite meaningful hyperlinking, allowing the user to explore additional information.
  • Provide a break in the document flow, encouraging readers to stick with the content and helping to prevent burnout or fatigue resulting from the constant untangling of dense or complex paragraphs.

Hyperlinks provides more information including on making links accessible and usable.

5. Headings and Document Structure (6:43 minutes)

Headings provides more information such as:

  • Headings and document structure
  • What does 'document structure' mean?
  • How headings help
  • Headings and Moodle (HTML)
  • Pro tips - Customize headings
  • Save as default styles
  • Pro tip - Creating Table of contents

6. Alternative Text (4.22 minutes)

Alt Text provides more information such as:

  • Examples of alt text descriptions
  • Alt text in Moodle
  • Alt text in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Alt text in Google Docs and Slides
  • Empty alt attribute

Further Information