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Avaya phone

UMD Information Technology Systems & Services (ITSS) provides local and long distance telephone services to the campus. As part of this service, voicemail is available on every phone extension and can be set up with one of three retrieval methods; via phone, via desktop browser, or via email.

Available phone options are the Avaya 9608G ip desk phone, and analog lines for faxing or other devices.  (For situations where the need is only to receive faxes, we provide an incoming fax to email option.)

**Phone Moves: The Avaya 9608G ip phones may be moved to another live jack without intervention from ITSS.  If you move a phone, you MUST fill out an online "move" request form OR email with the extension and new location in order to keep 911 information up to date.  Fax moves require ITSS intervention and therefore, require an online service request be submitted.

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