Telephone and Voicemail

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Avaya phone

UMD Information Technology Systems & Services (ITSS) provides both local and long distance telephone services to the campus. A variety of phones are available to suit different needs.

As part of the phone service, automated voicemail is available on every phone extension.

BE ADVISED: ITSS is currently in the middle of a Phone Upgrade Project. Differences in the upgraded phones include:

    • a new dialing plan
    • slightly different voicemail set up
    • phone moves: phones can be moved from live jack to live jack without intervention from ITSS. You MUST fill out an online "move" request form OR email with any moves in order to keep 911 information up to date.

For more information on our phone and voice mail service, select one of the following:

    • Phone options and features: Select the model that is right for you, and learn how to use basic features such as call forwarding, transfer, and more.
    • Unified Messaging (Voicemail): Learn how to log in and use the campus unified messaging system.
    • Dialing instructions: How to dial local, long distance, international and 911 calls from campus phones.
    • Avaya Aura 9608G User Guide (PDF): A quick reference for basic phone tasks.