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ITSS maintains a number of web servers for general campus use. ITSS also provides, on request, assistance to departments with web-related services such as web development, search engines and programming.

In addition to departmental pages, every UMD student, faculty and staff member can create their own "home page". To assist campus users in creating and maintaining their own web presence, we have put together the following resources:

WebDev: ITSS Web Developer's Guide
ITSS's guide to creating a web site at UMD, including a checklist for web site developers, public CGI scripts, University policies, and more.
Web Design References and Webdev Newsletter
Extensive collection of references for all things relating to the web. Subscribe to the Webdev Newsletter to receive an email digest of updates to the web site.
ITSS Online Web Training Documents
Online versions of ITSS training sessions for Accessibility, Graphic Image Editing, Using the UMD Streaming Server, and more.
Web Accessibility Overview
Find out the "what", "who", "why", "how" and "when" of web accessibility.
Drupal Users Group/Drupal Tech Group
ITSS sponsors two Drupal groups to assist the campus with site building and maintenance. The Tech Group is geared for site admins and is more technical in nature. The Users Group is for anyone who is actively updating or adding pages to an existing Drupal site.

Looking for assistance building or updating your site? Contact the ITSS TechCenter Help Desk (itsshelp@d.umn.edu, 218-726-8847).