ITSS Service Requests

For your convenience, ITSS has created web forms for our most frequently requested services.

If you don't see a request form that meets your needs, you may send an email with your request to [email protected] and a help desk ticket will be automatically created for you.

Service Requests

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Service Requests

Active Directory Access and File Shares

Data Requests & Mass Emails

  • Data Records Requests: Request data from the University's data warehouse (lists, labels, reports).
  • Enterprise Systems Service Requests:
    • Document Scanning / ImageNow: Request support for scanning your office documents into an electronic format.
    • Mass Email: Request a mass email list for University business.

Internet Accounts, Passwords and Email

  • Personal Internet ID (email): A personal Internet ID is assigned automatically to students when they confirm their registration at the University, and to faculty and staff when they are on the University payroll.   Call the ITSS TechCenter Help Desk at 218-726-8847 for password assistance.
  • Department / Functional Email Accounts:  Departmental email accounts (Internet ID and email) can be created for any official U of M organization (department, division, laboratory, office, committee, research project, etc.) or function (for example the front desk of a department). Departmental accounts should be used only for official organization business and should be monitored on a regular basis by an organizational contact person.
  • Sponsored Account: Departments may sponsor an Internet account for visiting colleagues and collaborators from external institutions and organizations. You also can elect to grant them access to UMN Active Directory.
  • Change Email Domain to Duluth ( When a University of Minnesota affiliated student, staff or faculty member transfers to a new UMN campus they must request that their Google Apps domain be transferred. Completing this form initiates that process.

Google Groups

  • Google Groups (Official and Personal):
    • Official University groups are limited to University staff and faculty to conduct official University business. Some examples are departmental lists and official student organizations.   
    • Personal groups are available to everyone at the University, and can be used for any number of reasons, including study groups, social clubs or family lists.
  • Google Course Group (formerly Class Alias): Allows instructors to send email to a single address which is automatically expanded to include every student who is registered for the class.

Phone, Voicemail & Network

  • Network Service & Telephone Services:
    • New ethernet network services or repairs: includies port activation.
    • New or updated telephone services or repairs: includes voicemail password resets.
  • Avaya IX Workplace: Use your office phone remotely on your cell phone. The Avaya IX Workplace app will allow you to make and receive calls from your office phone number anywhere you have cellular or WiFi service.


  • Network Printers:  Add a new printer to the network or move an existing network printer. (For printer troubleshooting, please contact the HelpDesk.)


  • Request SPSS Access: UMD ITSS, in coordination with CAHSS, CEHSP, and LSBE, has purchased an extended 2023 SPSS license that covers students and faculty in these four units.& If you are a student or faculty member in UMD CAHSS, CEHSP or LSBE, you can download SPSS from the ITSS-managed web site at no cost.

Video Conferencing

Web Services