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The Campus Accessible Technology Team purchased a Read&Write Gold (R&WG) site license. R&WG software was developed primarily to assist students with print disabilities, but has the capacity to help all individuals succeed. It provides a customizable toolbar, which integrates with other applications. This toolbar "floats" on your screen, or docks to a locked position, offering help as you work. It can aid reading, writing, study skills, and research.

Some of its features are presented in a three part Read&Write Gold (R&WG) Tools series:

  1. Reading Tools
  2. Writing and Self-Editing Tools
  3. Study Skills and Research Tools

Read&Write Gold Usage

Institutions such as Southern New Hampshire University are using R&WG with:

  • English Classes
  • Tutoring
  • International Students
  • Education Majors
  • Jump Start (an early college boot camp program)
  • Continuing Education

Read&Write Gold is being used in work environments to help employees with daily tasks. As Daniel Atubo, Ground Maintenance Supervisor at Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) has explained:

When I was promoted to the position of supervisor, I wanted to ensure I didn't make mistakes in my work especially when sending emails. After having a conversation with my manager, who is also dyslexic, he suggested that I may be a visual learner and I should try to visualize how words are spelt. He also mentioned he was using Texthelp's Read&Write Gold text-to-speech literacy support software. After seeing him use it I had it installed on my computer and it has made a big difference. EEBC has a site license for Read&Write Gold which means it is available on all computers within the organization...tested the software to make sure it worked and I am really happy with it. It helps improve productivity throughout the council, even for those without dyslexia.

Where to Get Read&Write Gold

UMD students, faculty and staff have access to Read&Write Gold. It has been installed and is available on all ITSS lab computers and on Library 122, 124, and 126 computers. It is available in Active Directory. Read&Write Gold may be installed on any UMD owned computer. If you run a lab in partnership with ITSS and would like to install it there, please contact the Help Desk, [email protected].

How to "Take Home" Read&Write Gold

All UMD students, faculty, and staff may download a "Take Home" version for their personally owned computers.

If you need assistance please call or stop by the ITSS TechCenter Help Desk (218-726-8847, Kirby Plaza 165).

Further Read&Write Gold Information

The vendor, TextHelp, provides dedicated training and resources regarding how to use Read&Write Gold.