Test Scoring and Evaluations

Exam Scoring

ITSS provides an exam scoring service for multiple choice exams. NSC bubble sheets which are compatible with the ITSS scoring system can be purchased from the UMD Bookstore. Surveys can also be done using the same bubble sheets.

Exam results are shared with faculty in Active Directory and will include: csv files to load scores to your gradebook, exam reports (including distribution, basic statistical analysis and an analysis of the questions), and record of what was physically scanned, along with an individual report for each student, if requested. There is no charge for the service other than the cost of the forms.

If you are administering exams to be scored by ITSS, please follow the Instructions for the Exam Giver.

Please use this form as a cover sheet (pdf) for your exams that you hand in to ITSS.

For more information please contact Karen Haedtke at 218-726-7751 or [email protected]

University of Minnesota Duluth | d.umn.edu

Course Evaluations

The following are the options for having your courses evaluated by your students:

Currently, UMD does not have an approved method for conducting course evaluations for face-to-face courses using an online, electronic form.

For more information, including the questions on the evaluation forms, please visit the VCAA Student Evaluation page.