JAMF Pro (formerly Casper Suite) is an endpoint management solution for Macs and iPads, allowing us to secure and manage devices automatically across our entire organization, while enabling users to help themselves on-demand using Self Service to install software and updates, set up printers, and access file shares.

JAMF Pro enabled machines will have a Self Service icon in their Menu Bar. This icon is your gateway to content and downloads uniquely offered to Mac users. In addition, JAMF Pro allows ITSS to provide:

  • Centralized patch management
  • Software content
  • Enhanced security and uniformity of applications
  • Risk mitigation using Whole Disk Encryption (Filevault 2).
  • proactive support partner

In addition to the enhanced experience offered to traditional OS X devices, ITSS now has the ability to offer iOS App Deployment and Management. Centralized purchasing of the apps through our Volume Purchase Program negates the need to purchase multiple copies on individual devices. Tax free app purchasing is also now available.

With the exception of several restricted departments on campus, JAMF Pro does not affect the ability of Mac users to run as a local administrator on their machines. JAMF Pro truly is an invisible presence on your machine that will assist ITSS in its mandate to provide a safe and secure computer environment while enabling end users to be efficient in their daily tasks.