Teleworking Becomes Easier with Office Phone at Home Service

Aug 2, 2021

If your duties include a large number of telephone calls, you may benefit from our new teleworking kit.

Since March, nearly 300 UMD staff and faculty have taken advantage of the Avaya IX Workplace app which allows them to make and receive office calls from their cellular phones. But for people in high call volume positions, the IX Workplace app can be challenging. To better serve the communication needs of remote teleworkers, ITSS is introducing the Meraki Z3.

The Meraki Z3 is a small device (6.83" wide x 4.41" deep x 1.04" high) which when connected to a home router, will provide a connection for your office phone. Those who are central answering points for their unit, work in a call center, or make a lot of outgoing calls will benefit from having their regular office phone in their home office.

What's in the Teleworking Phone Kit?

Photo: Meraki Z3 + Avaya phone

ITSS will provide a kit that includes:

  • Meraki Z3
  • Avaya phone so you don't have to transport your office phone back and forth
  • Ethernet cable to connect the Z3 to your home router
  • Ethernet cable to connect your phone to the Z3
  • User guide for quick setup

How Do I Get the Kit?

If you think you would benefit from this new service, complete the Meraki Z3 Request Form and we'll get a kit delivered to you. There will be no charge for this service during the pandemic. If you know of someone else that might be interested, please share this information with them.

If you're interested in the Avaya IX Workplace app for your cell phone, submit an Avaya IX Workplace Request Form.


If you have any questions, contact the ITSS HelpDesk at 218-726-8847. They'll route your question to the ITSS PhoneNet team.