Security Tip: Report Phishing

Sep 21, 2022

Help cut down on phishing activities by reporting them to the University.

What is Phishing?

A phishing email is one that appears legitimate but is a scam. It is tries to fool you into providing private information, visiting a fraudulent website, opening an infected attachment, etc.

How Do I Report It?

As stated at Scam Examples and Security Advisories:

If you receive a phishing scam to your University email address, forward it to us at [email protected], and include complete headers. (Note: If you have difficulty forwarding a phishing message, send a summary of the email, including the sender and subject to [email protected].)

University Information Security will:

  • Block the return email addresses
  • Notify a website's administrators if a website is used to collect replies
  • Block access from the U network to the website
  • Notify other schools
  • Tune our rules that flag email as spam

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