Classroom Technology

Active Learning

Logo: Active Learning

5 types of spaces are available for active learning.

They include: Limited Technology, Virtual Technology via Student Laptops, Open Configuration, Pod Classroom, and Automated Video Conferencing.

AV Checkout Equipment

Logo: Audio Visual Checkout

A variety of Audio Visual (AV) equipment may be checked out for presentations.

We have laptops, projectors in bags and on carts, document cameras, screens, analog digital conference phones, and more.

Classroom Technology User Guides

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Detailed step-by-step online user guides are available.

We have documentation for technology found in auditoriums and General Purpose (GP) Classrooms, as well as GP Active Learning Classrooms.


Logo: Captioning

Captions benefit accessibility, comprehension, particular environments/situations, and search engine optimization.

They enhance a multimedia presentation, improving its overall value and usefulness.

ITV / Videoconferencing

Logo: Interactive Television

ITSS has an interactive television classroom, Kirby Plaza 173 for UMD staff, faculty, and student use.

It is staffed with a student technician who will set up the equipment, answer questions, and contact other locations if there are problems. Kirby Plaza 175a doesn't have an ITV codec but is set up for using a laptop and videoconferencing software.

Multimedia Hub

Logo: Multimedia Hub

Learn how to incorporate video, sound, images, text, and/or animation into a presentation or lecture

. Bring your class to the hub. We can demonstrate use of still and video cameras, tripods and different microphones and recording devices for quality audio.


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View our equipment, services for academic units, and training policies.