Accessibility Policy May Be Modified

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September 25, 2018

The recently revised Policy on Accessibility of Information Technology has created some concern around 2 parts.

As announced in an ITSS newsletter article the Policy on Accessibility of Information Technology was revised on August 9, 2018. Since then 2 concerns have been raised.

2 Concerns

Scott Marshall, Associate Director, University of Minnesota Disability Resource Center Twin Cites, stated in a September 21 message to the UMN Digital Accessibility Group:

…we understand that the recently revised Accessibility of Information Technology policy has created some concern and conversation around two main parts of the policy:

  1. The part that names WCAG 2.1 AA as our accessibility standard, and
  2. The part that says everyone will need to run and submit semi-annual web accessibility reports (using a specific - Functional Accessibility Evaluator - tool).


In his email, Scott provides some context:

…Without going into too much detail here we want you to know a couple of things:

  1. At our October 11 community of practice gathering (2:30-4:00pm in Walter 101, and via forthcoming WebEx link) we will use some of the time to talk more about the policy and how we got here.
  2. For now you should know that we are working with stakeholders to amend the policy, specifically the reporting requirement. We will ask for your feedback in this process.
  3. We are in conversation with the Office of Institutional Compliance and the University's policy director regarding the implementation and monitoring plan we have been asked to include as part of the policy. We are seeking clarity on this and also consulting on the questions that have already begun to surface from this community given that you care about this and want/need to know "what is required", by when, etc.

Thoughts, Concerns, Questions are Sought

Scott invites thoughts, concerns and questions to be brought to the Digital Accessibility Steering Committee:

…we invite you to send your thoughts, concerns, and questions via email (addresses below). We want to know your concerns and questions so we can consider paths forward and so we can share them with the folks who charged us with this work.

We're grateful for you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Digital Accessibility Steering Committee,

  • Scott Marshall, Assistant Director, Disability Services Twin Cities,,
  • Donalee Attardo, Sr Director, OIT Academic Technology, Twin Cities
  • Steve Nguyen, Service Owner, OIT Application Development, Twin Cities
  • Emily Norenberg, Director Disability Services, Duluth,

How to Join the UMN Digital Accessibility Google Group

Details of the October 11 community of practice gathering and the Web Ex link where this topic will be discussed will be sent to the UMN Digital Accessibility Group.

The Group's About page states that "People have to be invited to join." Contact the Group's Owner and Manager to request an invitation.

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