Google Hangouts Meet: Reminder

Illustration: Goggle Meet
December 1, 2017

Video calls added from Google Calendar automatically use Google Hangouts Meet.

As previously announced, Google Hangouts Meet is a new video conferencing tool. It is available to all University of Minnesota campuses with the exception of existing users in the BAA and BAA+.

Calls Added From Google Calendar

Google Hangouts is still available for the immediate future.

However, if you add a video call from your Google Calendar it will automatically be set to use Google Hangouts Meet. The meeting experience will be very similar to Google Hangouts, but users will notice a refreshed/improved interface and better performance, especially with more than a few meeting participants.

Supported By Google Chrome And Mobile Apps

Please note that at this time Google Hangouts Meet is only supported by Google Chrome. Mobile apps for both iOS and Android are also available.

Further Information

For more information please visit Google Hangouts Meet.