Bring Your UCard!

Illustration: TechCenter Update. Bring Your Ucard.
September 1, 2017

Heading to the ITSS TechCenter or MultiMedia Hub for a repair or to check out equipment? Bring your UCard!

Beginning Fall semester, we'll be asking for your UCard when you visit either of these places to check out equipment. We'll also request your UCard if you are checking in a device for repair.

We're starting this process to provide faster service to our customers and to ensure that our customer data is accurate. This data includes the current status of the customer, as our check-out and repair services are intended for current students, faculty and staff only. Requiring a UCard provides better security and device protection for both the customer and for ITSS.

Long term, we have plans to use the UCard swipe to bill students directly for work done at the TechCenter, eliminating the need for them to make a separate trip to the UMD Stores to pay for their repairs before picking up their device.

Please note that you will not need your UCard to visit the HelpDesk or to receive technology help at the front counter of the TechCenter. As always, these free services are available to anyone associated with the University, including alumni and retired faculty and staff.