Academic Technologists offer two types of consultations, academic technology consultations and course design consultations, and are available to partner with you depending on your needs.

Academic Technology Consultation Request

Request an Academic Technology consultation to explore how to use Canvas or other academic technologies. Common questions might be related to:

  • Learning the features and functionalities of Canvas
  • Addressing non-urgent technical issues in a Canvas course site
  • Exploring university-supported academic technologies
  • Addressing student issues with Canvas or other university-supported academic technologies

Request an Academic Technology Consultation

Course Design Consultation Request

Request a course design consultation to plan, organize, design, re-design, or incorporate multimedia into courses. Common examples include:

  • Designing a custom home page template
  • Organizing your course layout (e.g. modules, pages)
  • Designing collaborative, group-based, or peer review activities
  • Designing a multimedia assignment for students to complete
  • Adding video in your course (e.g. screencasts, tutorials/demonstrations, module/unit overviews)
  • Designing a new course
  • Redesigning, adapting, or re-organizing an existing course for another format (face-to-face, hybrid, online, flipped etc.)
  • Prototyping, or piloting aspects of a course before making it available to students

Request a Course Design Consultation

Other Academic Technology Resources

For other academic technology services, such as technical troubleshooting, UMD drop-in sessions, or to explore a wide variety of workshops and programming, explore our services & sessions.