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Programming and Workshops

Educational Technology

Through the academic year, a variety of in-person and online educational technology programming and workshops are available to educators looking to explore or integrate technologies into the teaching and learning experience. Subscribe to Educational Technology Announcements to receive timely emails with information about upcoming learning opportunities and educational technology tool updates.

In-Person Programming and Workshops

Canvas workspace

Canvas Workspace will be offered in the Academic Technology Center (ATC, Kirby Plaza 166) on a weekly basis starting September 2019.   During workspace hours, educators can gather in the ATC to work on their courses, or troubleshoot a technical issue with other educators using the same tools.

  • In-person workshop held in the Academic Technology Center (ATC, Kirby Plaza 166).
  • Thursday mornings from 9:00 - 11:00 am 

Monthly Canvas Roundtables

Canvas Roundtable offerings will be offered in the Academic Technology Center (ATC, Kirby Plaza 166) on a monthly basis starting September 2019.

September Roundtables

September Roundtable sessions will cover the following topics: sending messages to your students, Canvas homepage design decision (e.g. module, page, syllabus,  etc...), gradebook set up. Within each session, there will be time for hands-on activities and time for discussions. 

  • In-person workshop held in the Academic Technology Center (ATC, Kirby Plaza 166)
  • September sessions:
    • Thursday, September 5, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
    • Wednesday, September 18, 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Online Workshops and Webinars

Recipes for Effective Online Teaching: Curated Videos Plus Activities
What are some alternatives to recording hour-long video lectures and why? Join our UMN colleagues from ATSS and the School of Nursing, Susan Tade and Nima Salehi, for a free webinar exploring design strategies and recipes for curating and creating focused, and effective online teaching video presentations and activities.

  • Online webinar: 1-hour
  • Thursday, September 19, 2019, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m

Design and Navigation Decisions (Discover Canvas Part 1)
Become familiar with the Canvas interface, learn about Canvas design considerations that make courses easier for students to use and navigate, and plan your own course design.

  • Online workshop: 4-hours across 4 days
  • Begins October 7, 2019

Build a Homepage with Design Tools
Learn how to use Design Tools to create a homepage for your Canvas course. This webinar will cover how to use various Design Tools templates to create a homepage that has a course banner, Teacher or TA information block, and a list of course modules.

  • Online webinar: 1-hour
  • October 15, 2019 or November 7, 2019

Facilitate Groups and Collaborative Work
This workshop explores Canvas Groups, a feature which allows instructors to facilitate group work in a space dedicated to each group within the Canvas environment. Participants will learn how to create and facilitate groups as an instructor.

  • Online workshop: 5-hours across 5 days
  • Begins October 28, 2019

Canvas: Integrate Media with Kaltura
Video and audio is everywhere in our society today and can be a powerful tool for teaching and learning. But to use it effectively, it is important to create and manage media strategically and efficiently. This workshop explores the use of Kaltura, the cloud-based media management system available to all faculty and students to use in courses. Participants will create, edit, and publish video content with Kaltura through a Canvas course site.

  • Online workshop: 4-hours, self-paced
  • Available starting the second week of September, 2019

Design challenge: Understanding learning analytics
This one-hour webinar will provide an introductory exploration of learning analytics as a tool for course development. We'll explore the use of modules to track student progress, quiz statistics, and basic Canvas analytics to consider which data are available to help instructors. This webinar is geared towards instructors who use Canvas for teaching, course designers who develop Canvas courses, and anyone interested in learning analytics.

  • Online, self-paced
  • Available anytime, anywhere

Discover Canvas Series
The Discover Canvas Series is a set of three standalone workshops that can be taken in any order. Learners new to Canvas may find it helpful to take the series in the following order: 1) Make Design & Navigation Decisions 2) Create Content & Assessments, and 3)Assess Student Progress.

  • Online, self-paced
  • Available anytime, anywhere