Telephone and Voicemail

Voice Services provides telecommunication solutions that support the mission of the University of Minnesota Duluth. The included service offerings are demand-driven, user-focused and ensure that telephones, peripherals, applications, and communications get delivered intelligently, meet security requirements, and work appropriately. Beyond the service offerings listed below, Voice Services also supports the related circuits that provide on-campus, local, long distance, and E911 calling.

Service Offerings

Desk Phones

The Avaya 9608G Multi-line feature phone with display is the standard service offering.

Phone Moves: The Avaya 9608G IP phones may be moved to another live jack without intervention from ITSS. If you move a phone, you MUST fill out an online "move" request form OR email [email protected] with the extension and new location in order to keep the 911 database information up to date.


Analog telephone lines to support faxing or other devices are available. In situations where the need is only to receive faxes, we can provide fax service that routes incoming faxes to email, eliminating the installation cost of a fax line, and the fax machine itself.

Fax moves require ITSS intervention and therefore, require an online service request be submitted.

Service request


Voicemail service via Avaya Aura Messaging system is standard on all phones and can be set up for one of three retrieval methods; via phone, via desktop browser, or via email.


Users that telecommute can request the Avaya Equinox application for laptops. The app allows users to make and receive calls from their University phone number from anywhere. Windows and Apple Mac are supported. (ITSS programming and configuration required).

Mobile Phones

Use your office phone remotely on your cell phone. The Avaya IX Workplace app will allow you to make and receive calls from your office phone number anywhere you have cellular or WiFi service. To use the app, please fill out the Avaya IX Workplace Request Form and a setup guide will be emailed to you.

Instructions on how to use the app, along with detailed FAQs and common issue fixes can be found on the Avaya IX Workplace User Guide.


UMD Provided

All campus desk phones have conference calling capability. For larger rooms, an Avaya B189 ip Conference phone is available for check-out through the ITSS Tech Center and can be used at any live phone jack.


For hosted audio and web conferencing, the University of Minnesota has contracted with West Communications. There are many options, including call recording and playback, as well as operator assistance. Regular call rates are as low as $.01/minute per participant.

Call Centers

Voice Services provides Call Center functions to support business needs of the campus. We will conduct a needs analysis for any Call Center requests in order to provide the best available options.

Automated Attendants

Voice Services provides Automated Attendant features to support business needs of the campus.

Public Phones

Voice Services provides and maintains campus "House Phones", coordinates payphone services, and provides and maintains telephone lines for campus elevators.


Repairs are generally free of charge unless there are obvious signs of malice. Current rates for new phone installations, moves, and changes may be found at Rates and Fees.

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