Read&Write Gold Tools, Part 2

Writing and Self-Editing Tools

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This second article in the Read&Write Gold (R&WG) Tools series presents some of its writing and self-editing tools. Part 1 presents reading tools and part 3 presents study skills and research tools. Please note that R&WG works best when used with Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer (Windows), and Safari (Mac).

Speech Input

Icon: Speech Input

Do you have a hard time starting a rough draft? Is a blank screen on the computer really tough for you? If you have an easier time talking out your ideas than writing, R&WG's speech input may be something to try out. This voice recognition function, which includes a voice training and setup program, enables you to dictate documents using a microphone. It converts speech to text. It is not perfect. It's not Dragon (a full-fledged speech recognition software program) but it does a pretty good job for the in-between. You still have to go through and clean everything up, but it can be a good rough draft starting point.

Word Checker

Icon: Sounds Like and Confusable Words Checker

If you are not careful Microsoft Word's spell checker changes the word "definitely" it to "defiantly". R&WG identifies words that sound the same (homophones) but are spelled differently (e.g., "eye" and "I") or words that are commonly confused (e.g., "through" and "thorough"). With the R&WG spell checker and the verb checker is not a contextual spelling and grammar checker. It will flag everything. And it will help with context and give definitions of commonly-confused words. Alternate choices are displayed, as well as their definitions.

Word Prediction

Icon: Word Prediction

Word prediction helps develop writing skills by providing the tools to construct sentences with ease. It learns the writer's style and predicts the word they are typing and the word they want to use next. Words can be added to the prediction dictionary. This feature helps improve accuracy, reduce keystrokes, and build vocabulary.


Icon: Text to Speech Reading

R&WG can be a great proofreading tool. If a person writes something and tries to proofread visually, it is easy to miss some errors. The brain is seeing what he or she meant to say. Text-to-speech isn't going to lie. It's going to read exactly what's on the page.

Some people for whom English is a second language may be better at hearing English than reading English. With R&WG Text-to-Speech they can tell that something sounds awkward when they hear it and can go back and change it in their document.