Read&Write Gold Tools, Part 3

Study Skills and Research Tools

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This third article in the Read&Write Gold (R&WG) Tools series presents some of R&WG's study skills and research tools. Part 1 presents reading tools and part 2 presents writing and self-editing tools. Please note that R&WG works best when used with Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer (Windows), and Safari (Mac).

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Study Skills Highlighters

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Highlighting is similar to highlighting print-based documents but better. You can extract highlighted text from Word documents and web pages to create study guides, outlines or complete assignments. Highlights from multiple documents or web pages will be collected into a single document including a bibliography. This makes it easy to collate related information, start an outline, or create a study guide. It is useful when gathering information for a project from many different sources.

Vocabulary List Builder

Icon: Vocabulary List Builder

A vocabulary list can easily be built by either highlighting words in a document or by entering words manually. A Word document will be created with the vocabulary words, dictionary definitions, and images.